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Cassandra Celia (she/they) is a Maryland bookseller, turned author. She writes gothic, horror, and paranormal fiction, such as her debut, STARS AND OTHER MONSTERS, and her latest release, SUGARCANE. Cassandra obsesses over stories with love, death, ambiguous endings, and everything in between. In her books she takes inspiration from dark, haunting art and media, and she absolutely loves writing about angry, scorned women.Her upcoming release, THE ELRIC UNDOING, is set to publish in October 2023.

my books

Genre: Paranormal Dark Fiction
Intended Audience: Adult
Publication date: May 10th, 2022

Icarus only remembers his last life, the many others that Luci stole from him have been lost to time and magic.He spends his days stuck in the place she created, reliving the same day in limbo and cursed in death. While he dances in this world, each life he lived before plays out in others. He loved Luci in each life, never knowing the true reason for their clandestine rendezvous.He was a victim of a scorned wife, a serial killer hunting a woman afraid of the dark, a crime boss whose missing son sends him over the edge. He has done many bad things, some worse than she. Soon Luci will return his memories, and when she does, Icarus will be left with an important decision to make; one that will alter every dance, every life, and every future he planned for himself.Formatted as interconnected short stories, STARS AND OTHER MONSTERS tells the story of infidelity, lost love, and the many lengths we go to seek revenge.

Content Warnings (In Full) :SPOILERS
Stars: Mentions of death
Death at a Funeral: Mentions of death, explicit content, infidelity
The Drink: Murder, poison-related material
A Taste of Sour: Murder, murder of minor, psychological trauma
Nyctophobia: Murder- detailed
In Between: Mentions of death, attempted stabbing, abuse of minor, explicit content
Butterfly Wings: Abuse of insects, murder
The Glory: Explicit content, infidelity
The Body Behind the Bar: Murder, infidelity, poison-related material
Other Monsters: Mentions of death

Genre: Horror, Thriller
Intended Audience: Adult
Publication date: March 28th, 2023

What secrets would you keep for the one you love?Dulcie and Caine have been married for years. They're perfect together, unsuspecting and living in their suburban home with friendly neighbors and a satisfying routine.Work. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.Then, Dulcie witnesses the murder of a girl in her own the hand of her husband. Her next mov seems unspeakable; cover it up and forget it ever happened. And, of course, clean up his mess. She couldn't send her husband–and the love of her life–to jail.The trouble is, Caine doesn't know about the sacrifice she made or the lengths she continues to go to keep his terrible habit hidden from everyone around them. Dulcie isn't interested in him finding out either.Secrets are dangerous. While he keeps his second life a mystery to her, she keeps her clean up act hidden from him.Too bad she's now tied up in her basement.
Too bad Caine decided that she was next.

Content Warnings (In Full):SPOILERS
Body Horror
Mentions of Abuse

Genre: Paranormal Horror
Intended Audience: Adult
Publication date: October 31, 2023

Pyet Cabello never expected her life to change with the arrival of one letter—sent by her estranged, deceased grandmother. But when her mother immediately threatens her life at the very mention of the letter's contents, Pyet flees the home she'd been trapped in, escaping her mother's proclaimed demise and into the teeth of the mysterious town of Elric to claim her inheritance.When she arrives, Pyet is suddenly thrust into an occult world with residents who share a history flushed with dark magic and who worship a mysterious leader. And, of course, a manor haunted by ghosts that demands she leave immediately. In search of a family she felt like she never had, Pyet is determined to uncover the truth about the town that scared her mother so deeply and stole her grandmother away all those years ago.Drawn to its dark past, Pyet's intrigue won't let her leave—and Elric doesn't want to let her go either. Before she realizes it, Pyet is enveloped in the town's customs and rituals disguised as friendships, and the longer she stays the less interested she becomes in uncovering Elric's secrets after all. The town Pyet's mother fled from long ago might be the place where Pyet finds the home she's been searching for.Unfortunately, it might also be her undoing.

Content Warnings (In Full):SPOILERS
Body Horror
Spiritual Hauntings
Family Drama
Cult Mentality

author appearances and events

getting witchy with it
october 17th, 2023

Come visit me at my attending author table in SALEM, MA, where I will be signing copies of STARS AND OTHER MONSTERS, and SUGARCANE.

blood on the bookshelves
october 7th & 21st 2-6pm

Come visit me—and several amazing horror authors!—where I will be signing copies of STARS AND OTHER MONSTERS, SUGARCANE, and THE ELRIC UNDOING at Barnes & Noble Annapolis, MD

readers take denver
friday april 18th - saturday april 21st, 2024

Come visit me at my attending author table, where I will be signing copies of STARS AND OTHER MONSTERS, SUGARCANE, and THE ELRIC UNDOING.

the imaginarium book festival
june 7th & 8th 2024

Come visit me at my attending author table, where I will be signing copies of STARS AND OTHER MONSTERS, SUGARCANE, and THE ELRIC UNDOING.I will be sharing a table with author K.C. Smith (A Lust for Blood/The Cursed Soul) !

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